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Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone Fight Fear Before Opponents

Donald Cerrone ufcLAS VEGAS, Nev. – UFC No. 5 ranked middleweight contender Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is set to battle UFC newcomer and No. 14 ranked Eddie Alvarez who was considered the top lightweight outside of the Ultimate Fighting Championship while fighting for Bellator at UFC 178 on Saturday. Cerrone’s coach Greg Jackson talked about the pre-fight preparation that comes along with his “Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace” fight mentality with MMAJunkie.

“He doesn’t watch any tape. He just asks us what he needs to do, and then he goes out and follows the game plan hopefully, and then he’s ‘Cowboy’,” said Jackson, “But I don’t think he likes to sit around and think about the guy beforehand. I think that’s a negative place for him.”

Cerrone is known to do things to relax and get his mind off the fight in the week leading up to his fights. “I mean, fighting’s hard. If I just met you at a bar and fought you, it’s a whole lot different,” said “Cowboy”, “But there’s a lot of what-ifs and expectations there. It kind of wears on you a little bit.”

In mixed martial arts fighting, the process of scheduling fight cards and the lead time an preliminary notice all combine to create a sense of pre-fight panic that can set in and cause a lot of stress to fighters, even a state of fearfulness over all that could happen.

“What you’re really talking about it is not just fear, but time and fear. It’s one thing if you get in a street fight. Some dude is being an [expletive], you get up, he gets up, boom, boom, boom, and it’s over pretty quick,” Jackson explained, “It’s different when you know that on this certain day at this certain time you’ll be fighting this certain guy. There will be pain involved. People will be watching and judging everything you do, and you have time to think about all that. As it gets closer, you get more afraid. The night of, you get really afraid.”

Jackson says this is why Cerrone likes to clear his mind and get away before a fight.

“He gets really nervous right before the fight, but he’ll fight anybody,” said Jackson, “Usually how it works is, he gets nervous, we talk about how he’s never, ever going to do this again, and then he goes out and fights.”