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NSAC: Brawl Nets Jones, Cormier Hefty Fines

Jon JONES, Daniel CORMIERLAS VEGAS, Nev. – The Nevada State Athletic Commission fined UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones (20-1) and No. 2 ranked heavyweight contender Daniel “DC” Cormier (15-0) for their roles in a brawl at a press event for UFC 178 in the lobby of the MGM Grand Casino on August 4th. Jones netted a $50,000 fine along with four days of community service in Las Vegas while Cormier received a $9,000 fine of his own with two days of community service at his home in San Jose, California.

The fines show a strong stance by the commission in opposition to the brawl and the actions that each fighter contributed to the brawl and the lead up to it. Both fighters had the opportunity to address the commission and plead their defense in the hearings that occurred today and seemed genuinely remorseful for their actions and their cost.

“I want to apologize to the MGM, to my bosses at the UFC – Dana [White] and Lorenzo [Fertitta] – to my fans, Daniel’s fans, to you guys on the commission. To all the [athletes] I represent in the Muay Thai community,” said the humbled champion, “I made us all look bad and as the champion – it was a terrible thing.”

Jones laid out a little of the lead up to the altercation, “When we walked up to each other we came together like magnets. Leading up to a fight there’s a lot of mental warfare that goes into it. When you have two elite fighters who have never lost – when you get your throat touched like that, for me to not respond may give him an advantage. My retaliation was more about not allowing him to get any type of mental edge over me.”

“When Jon put his head on me – I feel like I have to defend myself,” said Cormier, “When I feel like somebody was trying to intimidate or bully me I have to defend myself.”