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Robbie Lawler Wins Split Decision Over Hendricks

UFC 181 was the host of one of the best ever welterweight fights in its history in a rematch between Ruthless Robbie Lawler and Johny Bigg Rigg Hendricks. The results were not as electrifying as the first match, but the two put on a great show in the Octagon that was eventually won by Lawler.

During the first minute of the bout, Lawler looked possessed. He wanted blood, swinging crisp hooks backed up with flying knees. Moving forward he would not let up on his throttle until his opponent became unconscious.

However, for him unfortunately, Hendricks did not back down and withstood the barrage, remained tough and was able to return fire with solid strikes as well as a takedown late, that ended the round.

Hendricks from the second round on seemed to be too much for Lawler with leg kicks, combinations and wrestling, except for the last 30 second of the fight.

In that span, Lawler went full out but the overall aggressor was Hendricks, who controlled the match.

However, judges are not always perfect.

Lawler was given a split decision over Hendricks capturing the welterweight title in the UFC and finalizing his incredible and improbable ascent to the pinnacle of the division.

Over two years ago in July 2012, Lawler was defeated by Lorenz Larkin in a lopsided unanimous decision and it appeared his career was over.

The sport is crazy and the main event in UFC 181 highlighted that, as fights can be unpredictable.

Add to that unpredictable judges and you have Lawler back atop the UFC 181 Welterweight division.

Before giving all the credit to Lawler, UFC fans much appreciated the standup game of Hendricks in this rematch.

From the start of Round 2, Hendricks pieced together good combinations that were followed by leg kicks.

Add to that five takedowns in just four rounds compared to only two during the first match and Hendricks clearly showed he is a high-level, well-rounded mixed martial artist.

That was already known by MMA fans, but he showed an upgrade from his previous matches.

Unless a trilogy with Hendricks takes place, next up for the champion will by Rory MacDonald. The fight has yet to be announced and will be a rematch as Lawler defeated MacDonald in UFC 167.