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UFC Champ Ronda Rousey to Release Memoir in 2015

UFC Champ Ronda Rousey is continuing to keep her name in the headlines both inside and out of the UFC octagon.

She is an actress, model, UFC Champ, Olympic medalist and now author can be added to her list of achievements.

Her book of 288 pages is scheduled to be released in mid April of 2015 and will be co-written by Maria Burns Ortiz her sister.

The book, which will be titled My Fight/Your Fight will detail her workouts, diet, mind games as well as other personal things.

In this memoir, the undefeated champion of the UFC and Hollywood actress charts her difficult road to glory, by revealing her difficult and tragic childhood, the suicide of her father, her overnight fame, the secret she says is behind her unbeaten record in the UFC and how she is able to be the toughest woman on the planet.

The reigning Bantamweight UFC Women’s Champion Rousey is now the world’s most recognizable female athlete. The former Olympic champion in judo turned ultimate fighter star overnight has quickly become a familiar face in Hollywood.

When not beating opponents into submission in the octagon, she is filming starring roles in movies such as The Expendable 3, Entourage and the Fast & Furious 7, not to mention three others upcoming from Warner Bros.

She currently holds the bantamweight title as the undefeated UFC champion and arguably the UFC’s most dominant female athlete ever.

Rousey single-handedly made it possible for women to be included in the UFC octagon. She has taken on Hollywood with the same brute force as she has the UFC by landing major film roles and emerging as one of the top rising action film stars in the business.

Her book will also give a side of the fighter that many have not seen since she is seen by most as a UFC fighter and action film star, but there is much more to this fierce competitor.