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UFC: Alistair Overeem Admits UFC Heavyweights Lack Easy Wins

Alistair Overeem Antonio Silva UFCNo. 11 heavyweight contender Alistair “The Reem” Overeem (37-14, 1 NC) believes the UFC has no easy wins and that he hopes to fight again soon in a recent interview with MMA Hour. Overeem was knocked out in the first round at UFC Fight Night 50 by new No. 10 contender Ben Rothwell (34-9).

“In the UFC, there’s no easy fights in the UFC. Everybody is tough. This was something I said before the fight,” estimated Overeem, “Don’t underestimate Ben. This guy’s 280 pounds, he can take a punch and he hits like a truck. It is the UFC, everybody is there to win.”

The European fighter had some disappointment with the fight because he felt he was improved leading into his recent Ultimate Fighting Championship bout.

“I’m disappointed in the result of the fight, but you know I was in a great place and I’m still in a great place. I think I really found myself at Greg Jackson’s. I like the people, and the prep was great,” said the heavyweight, “And I know – I just know – that all those months of work that I put in are going to come out. It might not have come out in the fight, or the result wasn’t there, but I know it’s going to come out later.”

Overeem admits that he dropped his guard somewhat when he thought he had injured Rothwell’s arm in the fight which may have led to his defeat.

“I kicked his arm, and I thought I disabled his arm. I heard a crack, I could see he was hurt, so I didn’t expect him to punch with it, especially not that fast counter-punch,” he said, “I was maybe expecting him to punch a little bit later, but not that fast, and I didn’t expect it to come from that angle.”

However, the loss left “The Reem” ready for another fight.

“[I’d like to fight] as soon as possible, because I was not out. I was not sleeping. I was just dazed and Ben capitalized,” said Overeem, “So I guess if it’s up to me, not too far away.”