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UFC News: Tom Wright Believes Georges St. Pierre Will Return

While the jury is still out if, the UFC will go with a third bout between Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler for its next title fight in the welterweight division, the return of Georges St. Pierre could impact UFC plans.

No one to date knows if the former champion will come back to the Octagon during 2015, but if he did, he would be given a title shot immediately by Dana White. That would be the fair thing to do since the Canadian held the title from 2007 to 2013.

When Tom Wright the Managing Director of UFC Operations in Australia, New Zealand and Canada was asked if he thought St. Pierre would return, he said he did not have inside information, but was confident he would return.

Wright added that he was hopeful the former champion returns for a number of reasons. One reason Wright said was for him since St. Pierre might have some unfinished business to complete. When you are a world class elite champion athlete it is tough to walk away. He remains competitive, loves the sport and competing.

It seems that many people have the same belief that St. Pierre will return and fight again, despite no actual statements being made by his camp that he will.

The former champion, who is 33, said he needed to assess at what stage he is at after doing some training following the knee surgery he had earlier in 2014.

Last week, Wright was in attendance at UFC 181 and gave his opinion on the bout between Lawler and Hendricks, while also discussing Rory MacDonald’s prospect of a title shot.

St. Pierre said he scored the fight in favor of Hendricks, who lost in a split decision to Lawler.

However, he said Lawler came on very strong at the end. He also said there likely would be a trilogy between Lawler and Hendricks at some point and then at some point MacDonald will get his opportunity.

Many people want to see the direction UFC takes. While many UFC fans want the third fight between Hendricks and Lawler. Others believe MacDonald will be the next to get a title shot.